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This year we have launched the Fresh Start programme, this is our way of reaching a greater number of people while still providing a high quality product and service.

The Fresh Start is a culmination of 10 years coaching experience working with hundreds of clients looking to achieve the same goal, weight loss!

Aimed at first timers and those with a little more confidence in the gym but not advanced athletes. We provide you with absolutely every tool you will need to achieve that goal but most important educate you how we did it and how you can keep that weight off long term.

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About Us?

Our main goal at Leaner Living is to educate our clients.
We believe that with a greater understanding of both exercise and nutrition you have a greater chance of not only executing but also adhering to a plan.
The byproduct of this will be results, not just short term “transformations” but long term maintainable change.

Leaner Living is a team of exercise and nutrition specialists who adopt a flexible dieting approach. Our goal is to keep up to date with the latest research and provide the best information to help you achieve your fat loss and fitness goals. Leaner Living is a growing community of like minded individuals looking to drop body-fat and be active. Educating you on the basic understanding of what your body needs, combined with healthy eating and regular exercise.

We provide our clients with the highest level of personal support, education and package flexibility. There are no generic meal plans and we will not copy and paste a program. Everything we provide you has been designed around your needs, enjoyment and ability level.

Who are we?

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Have something to ask?

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